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Exclusive to Epods®

These Epods® V2.0 are exclusively available on our website. Our quantity is limited and is also not available on other websites and stores.

Wireless. Without effort. Magical..
The new 
Epods®, with a matte finish and a wireless rechargeable case providing a new experience in the field of wireless headsets. Just easily remove them from the case and they are immediately ready for use with any Bluetooth device.


How it works
With a simple configuration you can connect the 
Epods to your device. They are automatically switched on and are connected to your bluetooth device from the moment you remove them from the case. Thanks to the new technology, the Epods can detect whether they are positioned in your ears. If not, the Epods will be automatically paused.

Universal compatibility

The Epods® work with any Apple or Android device.
Our technology is universal.
To adjust the volume, change numbers, make calls, or even request a route, tap one of your HiPods and ask your voice assistant for help.

The power of 24 hours of battery life
These Epods offer the longest listening time that a wireless earphone can currently offer on the market. They provide a maximum of 5 hours of listening and a maximum of 3 hours of calling before they need to be recharged.
They are specially designed to suit you. Thanks to the rechargeable case you can recharge them multiple times to guarantee more than 24 hours of listening pleasure.
Need fast charging? Put the Epods in their case for 15 minutes, and these are almost fully charged.

Technical features
Wireless technology
Epods® (each): 4.5 g
Charging box: 40 g
Epods (each): 41 mm x 17 mm x 6 mm
Charging case: 54 mm x 54 mm x 20 mm

The package contains:
- 1x Epods - Wireless headphones
- a rechargeable case
- a charging cable

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